Shaun Wall - Web & Games Developer


I'm a Leamington-based developer who throws his time around creating:


Personal, e-commercial, brochure and static: I can build whatever you want, to suit your needs. Familiar with high-quality development practices, such as: automated testing, deployment, build tools and continuous integration.

Check out the previous projects I've worked on for a variety of high-profile names, and get in touch.

Web apps

I have a wealth of experience building web apps and tools; for internal business-use, solving problems and just for fun. I can plan, prototype, test and develop your idea into a reality.

Have a gander at my personal projects to get an idea of what I can offer you, and drop me a line to talk through your ideas.


Amongst my various projects, I enter jams and build games in my spare time; mostly for fun, with the dream of entering the games industry full time.

I have experience in Unity and GameMaker for all-purpose, and PhaserJS for HTML5 web games, suitable for businesses or small projects. Check out the games I've built!



  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Bootstrap, Foundation, UIKit & more
  • JS ES2019, ReactJS, VueJS, jQuery


  • Laravel, Wordpress
  • Dev-ops (inc. familiarity with AWS, DO, Forge)


  • Webpack, Yarn, Gulp
  • Composer, npm
  • Coding standards adherence, linting, automated testing
  • Git, automated deployment, continuous integration


  • Briefing, scoping, project management, debrief reporting
  • Agile / SCRUM methodologies
  • Testing, validation, integration
  • Accessibility (AA+ WAI, use of Aria)


Work I have carried out during my professional career, either through agencies or freelance.

Support Adoption For Pets

Website for Pets At Home's animal adoption charity. Site scope was to make it easier to connect potential adopters with charities rehoming animals, via an animal/breed map searching function. Built the front-end templating for most of the site, using Bootstrap, jQuery and LESS-preprocessed CSS.


Utilised Grunt for building, Bower for dependencies and Angular for interactive segments, I collaborated with the studio's other front-end developer to plan and develop a reusable and extensible component system for Hitachi's templating.

NHS Smokefree Norfolk

Used Wordpress and UIKit for the NHS, along with a Composer-based plugin management system.


Freelance project for a Malaysian-based design studio, revamping the website of a Malaysian orphan charity. A particular focus was taken on the UX and design to ensure relevant information was as easy to find as possible.


Built the majority of the front-end in UIKit as a base framework and Grunt for build tasks. As this was the studio's own website, development had a particular focus on speed and optimisation.

Gadget Cover

This project required managing small team, scoping and assigning tasks, managing deadlines and teaching.

This used Selesti's version of the Kohana PHP framework, and front-end templating.

Indigo Swan

A Wordpress site for a local energy broker, the project involved coordinating with their in-house designer and had a heavy focus on fine details and micro-interactions.

Norfolk County Council

Built templates for NCC to use across their site; due to this being a government project, it was essential that it was built with accessibility at the fore-front, emphasising colour contrasts, ARIA and proper markup for screenreaders.

Nelsons Journey

Utilised Appcelerator's Titanium with other members of the team to develop this iOS app, as well as Kohana to develop a back-end API to interface with.


A full-stack build which involved writing all the back-end logic for product organisation, management and account resources; as well as templating front-end via PSD designs.

Avery Berkel

A sister-company of Gamko, this was the precursor full-stack project which Gamko was built and modified on top of. Required a lot more focus on PHP back-end than the prior.


Refresh of QMS' original non-responsive site, this was built in Wordpress with a decent focus on Angular and more in-depth Wordpress theme functionality development.

Personal projects

Side projects I have been developing in my spare time.

Big Boss Battle

Taken on position of CTO, primarily ensuring the website remains reachable via managing it's AWS EC2 instance and CloudFlare. Also heading digital marketing via content and advertisement campaigns, enforcing SEO guidelines and monitoring performance.


Frustrated at driving into the city only to spend 10 minutes driving around the various car parks looking for one with space, I built a carpark data app using the Norfolk Council's DATEX XML feed so everyone can which carparks had spaces.


Having trouble with spelling phonetically over the phone, I made a Vue app to convert text to phonetics and step through the results so you don't lose your place.


Finding existing pomodoro timer apps to be a bit naff, I made my own in Vue.


Games and gaming-related things I've worked on.

Penguin Deliveries

Built a Lunar Lander style game for Ludum Dare, now building it out into a full-sized game to release. Showcasing at Norwich Gaming Festival in 2018.

Ah Crap, Asteroid Field!

Infinite runner in which you have to avoid increasing densities of asteroids to land on the scoreboard. Made in Gamemaker Studio in 7 hours.

Tickets Please

A fast-paced locomotion document checking thriller. An incomplete entry into Ludum Dare 40 made in Unity, in which you can fall through the floor as an Unintentional Feature.


First game I made in JS, using DOM elements instead of canvas. The source code is wonderfully embarassing.


First attempt at making a game using Canvas, game loops and sprite animation rendering. Fun fact: the ball of yarn was originally red, accidentally looking like entrails. User testing is great.



Unit 2 Games

June 2018 - Present

UI / UX Designer

  • Working with production, art and development teams to determine game direction
  • Designing UX flows for all levels of game flow and user interaction
  • Working with UI Art Director to design game UI, and working with game code team to implement UI designs via Coherent

Reference: Hannah Waddilove, Head of Operations (contact)

Content Discovered Ltd

April 2017 - June 2018

Full-stack web developer

  • Creating internal web apps to improve company processes and efficiency
  • Maintaining and extending existing Wordpress builds

Reference: Kriss Cox, Head of Development (contact)

Big Boss Battle

October 2017 - June 2018

Chief Technology Officer

  • Managing server performance and load balancing via AWS EC2
  • Business development and brand building, creating internal processes and systems
  • SEO and digital marketing via social media and AdWord campaigns to promote the site
  • Mantaining and improving the site's Wordpress build
  • Actually writing game reviews and news

Reference: Dann Sullivan (contact)


September 2016 - April 2017

Freelance web developer

  • Scoping, timescaling and quoting projects for clients
  • Developing Wordpress builds, front and back ends

Selesti Ltd

March 2014 - September 2016

Front-end web developer

  • Develop both front-end and PHP back-end of projects
  • Scope and timescale projects, both solo and in a team
  • Liase with various departments of studio (client, search) during project cycle
  • Research, test and implement practises and tech into the studio's workflow

Reference: Ollie Blackmore, CEO, or Jamie Cotton, Chief Technology Officer (contact)

Digital Select Ltd

March 2013 - March 2014

Software Engineer

  • Develop both front-end and PHP back-end of projects
  • Work with Asterix and PHP developer to design and develop both internal and public-facing business tools

Reference: Shaun Freeman, CEO (contact)


University of Bradford

Sept 2007 - July 2010

BSc Computer Science - First Class Honours

  • Web Engineering
  • Web Technologies
  • Software Engineering
  • GUI Development

Wensum Sixth Form

Sept 2005 - July 2007

A Levels:

  • Biology: C
  • Chemistry: D
  • Psychology: E

Hellesdon High School

Sept 2000 - July 2005
  • 8 GSCE passes at grades A-C